Raptors Fan Sucker Punches Warriors Fans In The Streets of Toronto (VIDEO)

Things are just getting worse and worse for Raptors fans.

Raptors fans completely embarrassed themselves Monday night after they let out a loud thunderous cheer when they realized Kevin Durant, who had scored 11 points in 12 minutes, was down with an injury. Some fans could be seen waving bye to him as well.

The fans only changed their tune after players on the squad asked them to stop.

Just when you thought the worst was over, it got dangerous outside of the arena.

A video of a couple of Golden State fans allegedly getting assaulted outside of Scotiabank Arena began to circulate the very next day.

Via Yahoo:

“The clip, which was originally uploaded to Twitter by the user @comeflywithb, shows two individuals getting toppled over by a man in a black hoodie while crossing the street.

Moments later one of the individuals, wearing a Warriors jersey, quickly gets up to confront his assailant. But as he begins to approach him, another man in a black hoodie runs up from behind him and sucker punches him in the face.

Toronto police spokeswoman Caroline de Kloet told Vice Tuesday that they are in possession of the video but don’t know much about its contents or who was involved, and have yet to receive a complaint.

“It could be a group of friends, it could be anything,” de Kloet said. “If somebody feels like they were threatened or they were a target of a criminal act we hope they come forward.”

Such a terrible end to a night that began with a tremendous fan-driven rendition of the Canadian national anthem.

Game 6 is scheduled for Thursday night at Oracle Arena in Oakland as the warriors will try to stave off elimination and force a Game 7 back in Toronto.