Dominican Chief of Police Reveals The Payment Amount Issued By Criminals To Kill David Ortiz (VIDEO)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

This is so unbelievable.

On Wednesday, the Dominican chief of police held a press conference and showed off the weapon used to shoot David Ortiz at a nightclub in his hometown.

He then revealed that the shooting was not only an attempted assassination, but it cost just $8,000 to put a hit out on Big Papi.

“A group of criminals charged 8000 dollars to try to assassinate David Ortiz, according to investigation with imprisoned case: Dominican Republic Police.”

The chiefs also confirmed the arrest of the shooter, “The investigation and the evidence compiled took us to one named Oliver Moisés Mirabal. In Santiago we arrested Ramón Martínez, the shooter.”

The bullet that hit Ortiz went through his abdomen and doctors had to perform surgery to remove portions of his intestines and gall bladder that were damaged in the attack.

After his six hour surgery, the Red Sox would soon send a plane to the Dominican Republic Monday to transport Ortiz to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Leo Lopez, Ortiz’s spokesperson, told ESPN’s Marly Rivera that Ortiz underwent an exploratory surgery when he arrived in Massachusetts: “Ortiz is expected to be closely monitored for the next 24-48 hours. Visits will be very limited during that period. Doctors have said that they expect a full recovery. Ortiz has also been alert and has talked to his family and ‘even flashed that smile.'”

Ortiz played 20 MLB seasons with the Red Sox and Minnesota Twins.