New Video Shows Gunman Stalking David Oritz Before Walking Up & Shooting Him (VIDEO)

The shooting of former Red Sox star David Ortiz was coordinated by a group as big as seven men who intended to collect nearly $8,000 to kill him, according to Dominican authorities.

This was the he original video showing David Ortiz being shot.

It turns out it was way more sophisticated than just a walking up and letting off shots.


“Prosecutors have said the two men on the motorcycle were seen on security camera footage talking with other people in a gray Hyundai Accent and in another Hyundai in a nearby street before the shooting at a popular Santo Domingo bar on Sunday night.”

On Wednesday, Dominican authorities announced the capture of five suspects, including the alleged gunman.

The Dominican Republic’s Chief Prosecutor Jean Alain Rodriguez spoke at a news conference and revealed it was an $8,000 bounty placed on Ortiz’s head. The reason why has not been officially revealed.

“Two vehicles, one motorcycle, and several individuals participated in the attack against David Ortiz,” Bautista stated.

According to his friends, Ortiz traveled the dangerous streets of the Dominican capital with little or no security, trusting his fans to protect him.

Going forward, he will need to make drastic changes.

Ortiz, 43, is expected to make a full recovery after requiring a second surgery once he arrived at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“David continues to recuperate … in the Intensive Care Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital,” his wife, Tiffany, said Wednesday. She added that he was able to sit up and take some steps but “will remain in the ICU for the coming days.”