ESPN Condemns LaVar Ball’s ‘Completely Inappropriate’ Comment Towards Molly Qerim On First Take (VIDEO)

LaVar Ball is back in the news again.

He was thrust back into the National spotlight after Lonzo Ball got traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the New Orleans Pelicans in a wide-ranging trade that involved multiple players and picks.

By Monday, he already had an interview set up with the ‘First Take’ and it didn’t take long for LaVar to make news for the wrong reasons.

During an interview with ESPN’s First Take, host Molly Qerim said to LaVar, “LaVar, can I switch gears with you because I have a question here.”

To that, LaVar responded, “You can switch gears with me anytime.”

Hours later and after the backlash on social media, ESPN would go on to respond be releasing a statement condemning LaVar’s comments.

Via Larry Brown Sports:

“LaVar Ball’s comment to Molly Qerim Rose was completely inappropriate and we made him aware of that.”

LaVar’s reps would soon respond back to ESPN and anybody else that took his comments as something it wasn’t meant to be.

Via TMZ Sports:

“Now, LaVar’s rep, Denise White, is issuing a statement from the BBB camp … saying, “[LaVar] was asked if he wanted to switch gears, in his mind switching gears was ‘changing the subject anytime’ and he said, ‘yes, you can switch gears with me anytime.’ At NO time was that intended or meant to be sexual in nature.”

This might be an issue now, but as we’ve seen this movie before. LaVar Ball says something controversial, people lose their minds, others condemn his actions, but ultimately he makes his return back to National TV down the road.

LaVar will certainly be back on.