New Details Emerge On A Possible Attempted Hit On David Ortiz Months Before Shooting

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

It’s been over a week since David Ortiz was shot in the back and sent to the floor and extreme pain as friends worked to get him to a Dominican Republic hospital.

As Ortiz currently lays at a Boston area hospital, there have been more details emerging of his case and it’s revealing how Ortiz’s life had been in danger weeks prior to him being shot.

“Interviews with Dominican and American sources familiar with the case suggest the shooting was not simply a matter of Ortiz being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his life may have been in danger even if he’d been in the U.S.”

A Dominican source told the NY Daily News about an incident that took place months before the shooting where “Ortiz’s white Lexus was chased and cut off by a black Mercedes SUV before crashing in front of a firehouse.”

“The incident did not appear in the media.”

This information seems to be close to the hearsay that was provided on Twitter a few days ago about Ortiz “intentionally” wrecking his car because he feared for his life.

It isn’t clear who was involved in that attempt to run Ortiz off the road or whether they were connected to the incident of him being shot in his hometown last weekend.

Ortiz was still in Massachusetts General Hospital’s intensive care unit as of late last week as he recovers from multiple surgeries to repair liver and kidney damage.