Former Patriots Running Back Indicted For Murder, 20 Felony Child Abuse Charges

This is absolutely horrible.

Former NFL running back Cierre Wood and his girlfriend found themselves under arrest back in April on allegations that they both murdered a 5-year-old girl.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that he and his girlfriend were indicted on murder and 20 felony child abuse charges in the death of that 5-year-old, the Associated Press reports.

La’Rayah Davis was found lifeless on April 9 in Wood’s apartment some two weeks after Amy Taylor, 26, and the littel girl had moved in with him.

“A judge who heard evidence last month against Wood said it was clear that La’Rayah suffered before she died and that Wood and Taylor were responsible for her death.

The judge cited photos of numerous external bruises from what were described as finger-pokes to the girl’s abdomen, back, arms and legs. Autopsy findings showed La’Rayah had 20 newly broken ribs, internal bleeding, a lacerated liver and bruises to her heart, diaphragm and connective tissue.

Taylor told police she sat on the girl while disciplining her about a week before her death, according to court documents.”

Wood told police that he would use exercise as a form of discipline, so he would have La’Rayah do physical activities including running sprints in the apartment.

On the day she died, La’Rayah fell backward while doing sit-ups and hit her head on the carpeted floor, he said.

Wood plans to plead not guilty at his arraignment on July 2nd.

Taylor’s public defender declined to comment.

Wood played for the University of Notre Dame and had stints with the Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, and New England Patriots.

Back in 2018, he was released by the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL.