Mike Tyson Goes On Spirited Rant About Polish & Black People (VIDEO)

Controversial boxing icon Mike Tyson has caused a bit of an uproar during a promotional tour in Poland when he brought up what Black people went through compared to what Polish people went through.

The 52-year-old former world heavyweight champion was part of an advertising tour for ‘Black Energy’ drink when he decided to respond to criticism by Polish activists that the company was cynically using World War II-era suffering for publicity.

Tyson decided to compare polish tragedies with those of Black Americans.

“Your Polish guys didn’t have sh*t happen to you compared to what happened to black people in America,” Tyson, 52, said in part of an interview published by TVP.

“No one imprisoned you for 250 f*cking years. And raped your mother, and your sister, and your brother in front of your eyes before they killed them… What happened to y’all was really bad… but nobody in the world’s been persecuted more than black people.”

I don’t care how old Mike Tyson is, he is a man you do not want to be around when he gets upset.

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