Rugby Star Dislocates His Knee, Smacks It Back In Place On Field & Continues Playing (VIDEO)

Oh, this is just nasty.

Hull FC forward Joe Westerman is a man who doesn’t seem to look at pain and laugh in its face.

During the 77th minute of a recent rugby match, Westerman was tackled to the ground by his massive legs and would immediately start yelling pain as he realized his knee was dislocated.

Instead of waiting for medical personnel, he gave it a couple of smacks of fixed it right there on the field.

…and yea, he continued ot play in the game.

Via Betfred Super League news release:

“I just twisted in the tackle and Mose Masoe came in with the chop and my knee just popped out. There was no malice in the tackle or anything like that. I looked at my leg and saw my knee cap on the side and I felt like I had to just smack it back in. It wasn’t really an excruciating pain. It freaked me out more than anything because it looked so weird.”