Eli Manning Explains How The Late Jared Lorenzen Was Responsible For David Tyree Helmet Catch (VIDEO)

David Tyree’s famous helmet catch helped the New York Giants win Super Bowl XLII. It is a play that will never be forgotten as Eli Manning escaped being sacked and tossed up a prayer for his wide receiver to catch as Rodney Harrison did all he could to smack the ball away.

As it turns out, that play may have never went down if not for Jared Lorenzen, AKA the “Hefty Lefty.”

During NFL Network series “The Timeline” back in 2018, Manning discusses one of the main reasons he was prepared for that wild sequence of events was because of the back-up quarterback and that very drill being practiced everyday in practice.

On July 3rd, 2019, Lorenzen tragically lost his death less than a week after he was admitted to the ICU with kidney and heart problems.

During his collegiate seasons, Lorenzen held the Wildcats record for most career passing yards with 10,354.

Jared was just 38-years-old.