Floyd Mayweather Wants You To Know How Rich He Is; Flaunts An Absurd Amount Of Money (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather is insanely rich. We know this because he randomly shows off his riches during his free time, which is damn near anytime of the day.

On July 4th, the retired boxer took to social media to remind his fans and haters that he has an absurd amount of cash and jewelry lined his table with stacks on stacks of $100 bills while dropping some wisdom at the same time.

“I was once told that “the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room”. Well, that works for the individuals that’s doing something illegal. But in my case, I’m happy to flaunt my legal wealth and brag about being a black man that came from poverty, beat all odds and not give a fuck about what anybody thinks. Happy 4th, this is my independence! Now, let the fireworks begin!”

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