Jorge Masvidal Gave The Most SAVAGE Press Conference After 5-Second KO vs. Ben Askren At UFC 239 (VIDEOS)

Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes both successfully defended their belts at UFC 239 last night, but it was Jorge Masvidal’s 5-second knockout of Ben Askren that had everyone talking afterwards. And that’s because it gave us plenty of things to talk about.

For starters, it was a UFC record for fastest ever knockout. It was also Askren’s first MMA defeat. And then there was Masvidal’s celebration afterwards, which some felt was warranted (due to Askren’s trash talk leading up to the fight), while others claimed was unnecessary.

Here’s a look at the knockout and the taunting that followed:


And if you thought Masvidal was done there, you were wrong. When asked after the fight if he regretted his celebration, the 34-year-old American set the record straight for all of the trash-talking fighters out there:

“There’s not too many people that I’ve disliked. I have over 50 pro fights, and he’s one of them. You know, he talked about my manhood, talked about my culture, my ethnicity. Why do certain people get to do stuff online…

So you can do anything. Everything is cool before a fight. You’re allowed to do and say whatever you want, like other fighters are now doing. Talking about people’s religion, wives, even kids, that’s cool? But after a fight I’m not allowed to showboat and rub it in your face so you and guys like you can see it and be like, ‘maybe I don’t talk so much sh*t because when I cross one of these real mutherf*ckers, they’re gonna make me pay for it, man. They’re gonna embarrass the sh*t out of me.’

And it’s not over for Ben, either. He still has to deal with me. If I see him at Whole Foods, I’m gonna still slap that dude up because I don’t like him.”

After hearing this, I doubt Ben Askren will be stepping into a Whole Foods anytime soon.