41-Year-Old Tom Brady Just Shattered 22-Year-Old Tom Brady’s 40-Yard Time From The Combine (VIDEO)

Tom Brady really is like a fine wine that just keeps getting better with age. He’s proven it by continuing to win Super Bowls and MVP honors as he entered his 40’s. And over the 4th of July long weekend, the Patriots’ 41-year-old quarterback proved it once again by beating his own 40-yard time that he recorded at the 2000 NFL combine at the age of 22.

In case you were wondering, 22-year-old Brady ran the 40 in 5.28 seconds. As for 41-year-old Brady, he managed to shave over a tenth of a second off that time, running it in an impressive 5.17 seconds.

Every athlete should probably be calling TB12 trainer Alex Guerrero after seeing this video.

Not only is 41-year-old Brady faster, but his physique is also much more impressive that his 22-year-old self.

At this rate, Brady might look like Aaron Donald by the time he hits 50.