Kinsey Wolanski’s Boyfriend Held Tryouts For a New “Vitaly Uncensored” Streaker (VIDEO)

Most sports fans have heard the name Kinsey Wolanski by now, after the stunning blonde IG model went streaking across the field during this year’s UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid.

Now her boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy — who was responsible for setting up Kinsey’s pitch invasion through his YouTube channel “VitalyzdTv” — is giving one new lucky female the shot at making a name for herself.

In one of his most recent vlog’s, Vitaly held a tryout between four females for the opportunity to become the next “VitalyzdTv Uncensored” streaker.

It was some pretty stiff competition. You’re definitely gonna want to check out the race for this prestigious position on Vitaly’s team.

It begins at the 10:28 mark. We’ve already set it up for you. Enjoy!