Germaine De Randamie Ties Fastest KO in Women’s UFC History With Vicious Punch Against Aspen Ladd (VIDEO)

Nothing has to be worst to a fighter’s ego than training for months to prepare to go to battle and then have it all end within seconds of trying to fight your opponent. Mike Tyson said it best: “Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth.”

That’s what happened to Aspen Ladd last night at UFC Fight Night 155 in Sacramento, when Germaine De Randamie, who entered the fight as the underdog, came out like gangbusters and delivered a devastating right hand to the face of Ladd that knocked her off her feet.

The ref wasted no time in stopping the match right there.

With just 16 seconds, she tied Ronda Rousey for the fastest knockout win in women’s UFC history.

Ladd entered the match undefeated and was clearly shocked by the ref stopping the match so quickly.

I’m sure a rematch is on the horizon.