‘Robot Umpire’ Calls A Terrible Strike 3 Call in Atlantic League Game (VIDEO)

If this is a strike going forward in baseball, then every major league pitcher will sign up to have a robot umpire from here on out.

The Atlantic League has been used by the MLB to try various things that includes a robot umpire, which still needs to work out some issues that was on display during a recent game that had the worst strike 3 ever called in the history of Baseball.

During a York Revolution/High Point Rockets game, a batter was called out on strikes from a pitch that was damn near over his head. The batter was clearly pissed about it as he walked away from the batter’s box.

Because the system is still in its infancy, an umpire is needed behind home in the event that the system fails to pick up a pitch, registers a pitch totally incorrectly or fails altogether.

The program used player data to formulate a strike zone for each hitter, but because of the lack of information that was on hand for the system, a generic, 6-foot-2 strike zone was implemented.