Boxer Hugo Santillan Dies From Injuries Sustained In A Fight; 2nd Boxer To Die This Week (VIDEO)

For the second time in 4 days, yet another boxer has lost his life after a fight in the boxing ring.

It has been reported that Hugo Santillan, a 23-year-old Argentinian fighter, also died on injuries sustained in the ring. Over the weekend, Santillan fought Eduardo Javier Abreu for the WBC Latino Silver lightweight title and eventually fought to a draw.

Things were so bad medically for Hugo that trainers were seen holding him up. Santillan collapsed soon after.

When Santillan was brought to the hospital, he fell into a coma and eventually died.

“RIP Hugo Santillan. He passed away from injuries suffered during Saturday’s fight which ended in a draw,” The World Boxing Council said in a statement. “We join Hugo’s family and friends in grief, support and wish prompt resignation.”