Adrien Broner Uses Boxer Maxim Dadashev’s Death To Explain Why People Should Appreciate Him More (VIDEO)

Adrien Broner certainly sympathizes with the death of Maxim Dadashev, but he thinks nothing should change in the sport of boxing because of the unfortunate tragedy.

“Hell nah,” Broner says … “Ain’t nothing got to change,” Broner said to TMZ Sports.

The 28-year-old Russian junior welterweight contender tragically lost his life after taking north of 300 punches during a bout against Puerto Rico’s Subriel Matias.

Dadashev had to helped out of the ring before he ultimately collapsed, threw up several times in the ambulance on the way to the hospital where he would succomb to his injuries and pass away.

Broner then used that tragedy to explain why his people should appreciate him more.

“Broner tells us the tragedy was eye-opening … and says people need to start appreciating him more now because “it only take one shot and we can die.”

But, as far as putting in measures to prevent that from happening in the future, Broner says that’s unnecessary for boxing.

“It’s a part about growing up,” Broner says … “Who your teacher is. What he taught you. ‘Cause when I grew up, my coach, Mike Stafford, the first thing he taught me was defense.”

“And that’s why my career is still lasting as long as it is.”