Kevin Byard Claps Back At Deion Sanders For Not Knowing Who He Was

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

It’s the tweet that was sent out last season that has since went viral again after large sums of money was agreed upon.

All Kevin Byard did after that tweet was agree to a massive five-year, $70.5 million deal that caused his fan base to troll Deion Sanders on Twitter to see if he knew who Byard was now.

The Tennessee Titans safety remained silent last week when asked about Sanders, but he decided he was silent long enough and fired back at the hall of famer during a fantastic piece done by Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne.

“I know he knows who I am now,” says Byard. “I’m going to get that gold jacket, and I may have some words for him then.

“We’ll talk about it in Canton one day.”

Byard has all the confidence in the world in his abilities, but he knows he can’t rest on that and he’ll continue to strive to get better each and every game.

“I don’t ever want to get into a position where I’m sniffing myself,” Byard says, “and I think I’m great and I stop working and I feel like, Oh, I can just roll out there and do what I do. The moment you think you’ve made it, that’s when your trajectory is on the way down.”