Tony Stewart Punches Heckling Fan In Face In Racetrack Fight (VIDEO)

Tony Stewart is back at it again.

In video that was making the rounds over social media, Stewart went after a man at a Minnesota dirt track last Friday after a verbal confrontation turned violent.

Stewart could be seen getting extremely agitated by one particular fan, so he chased him around a truck before connecting with a punch to his face.

Here’s the back story of what happened via TMZ:

“That’s when a heckler came up to Stewart — and according to one eye witness, Brandon Woehl — began cussing out Smoke for “quitting” only one lap into the race.

“Fck you, Tony,” the heckler allegedly said … “You piece of sht. You come here and basically race for one lap and quit, you piece of sh*t.”

That’s when Woehl says Tony responded, firing back, “I blew my engine, you f*cking asshole. Do you want to pay for it?”

The two traded a few more barbs … with Stewart deciding to unleash a single-barrel salute to the heckler with his left hand.

In the video, you can hear the heckler’s response, because he screams back at Stewart, “Hey, Tony, I got two of them” while flipping him off with BOTH hands.

Stewart immediately lost his cool and went after the guy … and in the video, you can hear Tony’s left fist collide with the heckler’s face!!!

Woehl claims Tony said after the punch, “F*ck, I broke my hand.”

Cops were apparently not called to the scene.

Stewart is likely to be on edge over the next few days as a lawsuit might be coming his way pretty soon.