Sports World Decided To Come Together & Make Fun of The FSU Seminoles’ Countdown Graphic (TWEETS)

A few days ago, the FSU Seminoles decided to get their fan base excited about the upcoming season by dropping a countdown graphic to opening day.

It failed miserably as nobody could quite understand what the hell they were trying to do. The graphic included a player wearing a jersey with 15 on it and a 4 next to him.

The roast session got so bad in the comments that they decided to delete it and hope that everyone forgot about it.

Well, that was too bad, because MLS’ Orlando City SC decided to remind people by trolling them with a similar type graphic of their own.

Even the Cleveland Indians got in on the fun as well:

Not a good way to start off the 2019 season after winning just 5 and 7 games during the 2017 and 2018 seasons.