Ex-MLB P David Wells Thinks Marshawn Lynch Needs To Watch His Mouth & Not Curse Around Kids (VIDEO)

David Wells was not a fan of Marshawn Lynch cursing around children during his football camp last month.

Marshawn was out at his Fam 1st Family camp in the Seattle area in late July when it was said that kids as young as 9-years-old broke down crying because he swore at them while making them run laps.

The running back admitted on camera to using curse words to two pissed off mothers as he frantically asked to speak to a man as they would likely understand the situation better.

Well, former MLB pitcher David Wells is a man and he did not like it, telling TMZ:

“You’re trying to set an example, right?” Wells said … “You don’t use that around kids — you gotta be more a little more professional than that.”

Wells says he practices what he preaches … saying if he catches his owns kids cursing — he washes out their mouths with a bar of soap.

As for when he thinks it’s appropriate to cuss — Wells says that bar starts somewhere in the teenage years.

“As long as they don’t use it around the table or the house,” Wells says, “then you’re good.”