Chris Broussard Calls Out NCAA’s “Rich Paul Rule” For Being Racist (VIDEO)

The NCAA certainly has a way of shooting themselves in the foot and trying to fix things that don’t need fixing while completely ignoring bigger issues in the world of college sports.

Earlier this week, the NCAA upset a whole bunch of people that included several NBA players like LeBron James and Chris Paul who took aim at the NCAA’s brand new rule that states all agents who want to represent NCAA athletes must have, at the least, a Bachelor’s degree.

This has led to some justified criticism of the NCAA who seemed to make this rule out of thin air, because super agent Rich Paul is everywhere, represents damn near everybody, but they know for a fact that he did not graduate from college.

FS1’s Chris Broussard did not appreciate this new rule, so he took to social media and called the NCAA’s new rule, ‘racist.’

“They’re calling it the ‘Rich Paul rule,’ which is appropriate, but I’m gonna call it something else: straight-up racism,” Broussard explained. “But instead of crying, complaining, and begging, it’s time for black people to take action. You fight power with power, and one of our greatest sources of power is our athletic dominance. So I’m calling on all of our great black football and basketball players, instead of going to these big universities that chew you up, spit you out, and don’t care about you, go to a HBCU.”