Antonio Brown Attempted To Paint His Old Steelers Helmet To Look Like Raiders To Get Past NFL Rules

Antonio Brown really loves his special helmet.

The Oakland Raiders WR hasn’t played a single game for the franchise and yet he has caused so much controversy over his foot issue and now him threatening to retire from the game of football because he wants to use a helmet that he has been using since coming into the league.

New NFL rules state that players have to wear helmets that are certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment, or the NOCSAE.

Brown doesn’t give a damn.

In a failed attempt to get past those rules, the all-pro WR reportedly tried painting his old Steelers helmet silver and black in order to make it appear like he was wearing a new Oakland helmet.

When that didn’t work, he went with the threat of retiring from the NFL. If he does in fact go through with it, he will lose out on $30 million.