Cris Carter Eviscerated Antonio Brown For Being An Extremely Selfish Person (VIDEO)

Antonio Brown has yet to play an actual game for the Oakland Raiders and somehow he has already overstayed his welcome.

Brown has been away from his teammates for over a week due to extreme frostbite in his feet and a fight with the NFL over a helmet that he wanted to wear so bad that he threatened to retire if he couldn’t get it approved.

Well, that failed on Monday and he subsequently stated that he would be at camp the next day.

During Tuesday’s edition of ‘First Things First,’ former wide receiver Cris Carter, who knows a little about the position, wanted to get something off his chest about Antonio Brown and his short time in Oakland as well as his time in Pittsburgh.

He basically called the man beyond selfish that is only about himself, social media, and money.

“Antonio Brown doesn’t care about his team. He has not shown in the last few years that he is about anything but his brand, Instagram likes, and making money. That’s what he’s about.”