Giants President Loves Eli So Much That He Hopes Daniel Jones ‘Never Sees The Field’ in 2019 (VIDEO)

John Mara has hope for the future of the Giants with Daniel Jones leading the way. That hope for him also entails to him never seeing the field in 2019.

The Giants co-owner spoke to the media about the Giants’ quarterback situation and basically extinguished any flames surrounding any controversy of a potential QB battle.

“I hope Eli has a great year and Daniel never sees the field,” Mara told reporters at Giants training camp. “That would be in an ideal world, you’d like to see that. At the end of the day it’s going to be a decision by the head coach (Pat Shurmur) as to when, or if, Daniel ends up playing this year.”

Mara has been a man who taken a bunch of criticism for his undying love and loyalty to Eli Manning in spite of the team’s constant failures over the years.

Barring an injury, Eli is expected to start Week 1 as well as every other game in 2019.

“I’d be very happy with that because that means we’re having a great year and Eli’s having a great year,” Mara said.

If the team just so happens to be in playoff contention at the end of the year, Jones will certainly never see the field. But, if the team falters as many expect them to do, he just might see some action in games that don’t matter in the standings, but would go a long way with Jones’ experience.

The Duke product had an impressive preseason debut, completing 5-of-6 passes and throwing a touchdown in his lone drive in the Giants’ 31-22 win over the Jets.