Refs Getting Blasted For Calling Ridiculous “Blindside Block” On Perfectly Legal Play During Lions-Texans Game (VIDEO + TWEETS)

If the idea is to piss off all fan bases at the same time in 2019, the National Football League is doing a great job of doing that so far.

With the NFL attempting to make the game safer as we head into the 2019 regular season, they are also taking things a bit too far on ridiculous calls that will surely cost several teams a game.

During Saturday’s Texans-Lions preseason game, a Detroit Lions offensive lineman was called for a penalty on a block of a Texans pass rusher in the third quarter that made absolutely no sense.

“DET #76 goes back toward his own end-line and forcibly blocks his opponent with his shoulder. By rule, this is a blindside block,” the NFL ruled.

Check out the play:


Fans were pissed:

I guess the Lions offensive lineman is supposed to let his QB get sacked.