Venezuelan LLWS Player Pulled Out A Ridiculous Looking Batting Stance During Game (VIDEO)

The Little League World Series is under way and there has already been a viral moment from Willamsport, Pennsylvania.

5-foot, 80 pound Delvis Ordonez from the Venezuelan squad either wanted to see himself everywhere on social media or he seriously thought this unusual batting stance would work during the game.

During his fifth inning at-bat against Australia on Saturday — Ordonez crouched all the way down in an attempt to throw everybody off their game, including the pitcher. It didn’t work because he received a strike on the first throw. He would then stand up in a regular stance.

Ordonez ended up reaching on a bunt single and scoring Venezuela’s second run later in the inning, and the team would eventually go on to win the game 2-0, eliminating Australia from the tournament.