Legendary Rapper Uncle Luke Calls Out Black NFL Players For Being Hypocrites & Not Hiring Black Agents (PIC)

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET )

Luther Campbell, known to hip hop heads as Uncle Luke, is effectively calling all African-American players on their bullsh*t.

Last week, it was announced that Jay-Z was partnering with the National Football League that will put the 49-year-old in charge of managing some of the league’s entertainment options and will tie into the NFL’s social justice endeavors.

It was a decision that was heavily scrutinized and continues to get blasted by many people that include NFL players.

Uncle Luke ain’t having it.

Luke took to Instagram on Monday and called out Black players for speaking up on social injustices, all while not hiring any Black agents or financial advisors.

“Social injustice is when you deprive a people of a opportunity because of the color of their skin.

Well God damnit is a lot of NFL black players that deprive a lot of good black agents of opportunity so don’t take a knee when you’re doing that. Keep it 100 if you go keep it 100″

He continues to the next post on Jay-Z:

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