Tennessee Vols Fan Posts Creepy Craigslist Ad Looking For Woman To Take To Home Games (PIC)

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

I’m sure every woman in the Tennessee area is just jumping to spend hours with a random dude who posts things to Craigslist.

The 2019 college football season is right around the corner and fan bases are getting revved up to enjoy some top notch tailgating and cheering on their favorite team.

One guy ran into a problem in his personal life, and it has him with holding season tickets, but having nobody to go with. This poor Tennessee Vols fan had his girlfriend break up with him recently, so he naturally took his talents of talking to the ladies straight to…Craigslist.

The lonely guy posted about needing a female companion, not for anything kinky, just to go to home games with him and he laid out a set of rules to go with it.

Via Bro Bible:

This may seem like a crazy notion, but here it goes…. Female responses only….

My girlfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago, so I find myself with an extra ticket to each of the University of Tennessee football games. Not looking for a relationship, merely a lady that would be interested in accompanying me to a game or two.

The group that I tailgate with are all couples (ages 40-60s).

Must behave in a respectable manner (no drunks, no drugs, no vulgarity).

Must be willing to tailgate for most of the day/evening. I have 1 and only 1 parking pass. I arrive early and stay late.

Plan on a 6-8 hr day.

You must be a VOLS fan. Sorry but I am not wanting to sit beside a Gator, Dawg, Cat or Dore.

If you have favorite tailgate dishes you wish to share, bonus points.

I’m open to having different person each game, or if we are mutually compatible then maybe most or all games to the same person.

Ask that you be willing to pay face value of the ticket. That applies for both Georgia and Georgia State. You can’t lowball the best games and expect the lesser games to be near free.

Would like to chat and meet prior to any specific game.

Tell me why I should pick you?