Antonio Brown’s Ex-Chef Tells Wild Story of A Fish Head Making The WR Think He Was Trying To Kill Him (VIDEO)

It seems like everyday there’s a crazy Antonio Brown story and they seem to get crazier and crazier by the day.

This time around, it’s not about his feet or him wanting to use a special helmet, it’s about his former chef who is currently suing him for money owed after he was abruptly fired.

Stefano Tedeschi tells a wild story of how Antonio Brown thought a threat was sent his way, all because a fish head was left in the freezer.

“Stefano Tedeschi — who filed a lawsuit against AB just last month — tells TMZ Sports after cooking for the NFL superstar at the Pro Bowl in 2018, he left a salmon head in the freezer with the intentions of making some soup the next day.

The problem? Apparently, AB and his crew thought it was a threat — and straight-up kicked him out of their mansion!!!

“Apparently they misunderstood the fish head,” Stefano said.

“I said, ‘Who could have possibly misunderstood a fish head in the freezer? Tell me, what person with intelligence could have misplaced a fish head for some mob, horse head?!’”

Stefano says when he came back to cook the next day, he was booted from the property and wasn’t allowed to retrieve any of his cooking gear that he had left on the premises.

Antonio also didn’t allow him to cook the following day … and, according to Stefano, the receiver never paid him a dime for the weekend.”

Hard Knocks needs to just follow Antonio Brown around and they would have the all-time most high-rated show ever.