Minor Leaguer Bunts For An Epic Inside-The-Park Home Run (VIDEO)

This is the most epic thing you will see all day.

Ask any fan what an inside-the-park home run is and they’ll tell you how epic it is when a ball bounces just perfectly in the outfield and allowing the batter to race around the bases and score before the relay tag can get to home-plate.

For this particular play, the actual ball would never make it to the outfield and somehow a batter rounded the bases for the most epic inside-the-park home run of all-time.

It happened during a game this week between the Lakeland Flying Tigers and Jupiter Hammerheads where a bunt from Tigers outfielder Reece Hampton got really interesting really fast.

What happened was the catcher grabbed the ball and made an arrant throw that went deep into the outfield in right, which allowed Hampton to advance around the bases.

Hampton only had 2 home runs on the year heading into the game.

Lakeland went on to win the game 2-1 over Jupiter.