Released Footage Shows Mateen Cleaves Dragging Naked Woman Into Hotel Room (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Mateen Cleaves got the welcomed news when a jury acquitted him on four counts of sexual assault.

Now that the case is over, we get to see the video shown of the former Michigan State Spartans star and NBA player that was taken in the early morning hours outside the Knights Inn Motel in Grand Blanc, Michigan in 2015.

The video was used by prosecutors, but Cleaves’ defense team stated he was trying to protect the woman by pulling her back into his room, where they were having consensual sex.

From The Detroit News:

Cleaves’ defense team told jurors it was a clear case of consensual sex and that the woman was lying because she felt bad about cheating on her boyfriend with him.

“Regret is not rape,” said defense attorney Michael Manley, echoing his brother and co-counsel’s words from opening statements in the trial. Manley said not a “sliver of DNA” evidence backed up her claims of rape.

Michael Manley said the woman was not taking “accountability” for her actions while Cleaves has. The defense attorney says the woman willingly went to the motel with Cleaves and that she also decided to drink while there.

“It’s very important that you look at the phone records too,” Michael Manley told jurors Tuesday. “Mateen Cleaves texts (the woman’s) boyfriend and he calls her best friend twice. You are not raping somebody and calling the boyfriend and (best friend). What you’re trying to do is get her home because she is in a panic.”

Here’s that video: