2nd Video Released Shows UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn Getting KO’d Outside Hawaii Bar (VIDEO)

B.J. Penn surely had an interesting time at a Hawaii bar.

On Wednesday, TMZ Sports got hold of a fight video involving the 40-year-old UFC hall of famer and it showed him on top of a guy at the Lava Shack and delivering crushing blows to the back of his head as onlookers started in amazement.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the start of the fight. It would actually start outside the bar where we see Penn getting knocked out for a few seconds before stumbling to his feet.

Via TMZ:

“12:17 PM PT — We spoke with someone very close to Penn who tells us BJ felt the other guy had been following him around and trying to bait him into a fight … saying, “This guy is notorious for taunting BJ.”

Our Penn source says … after getting knocked to the ground, BJ was disoriented and his response was to go after the guy. And, that’s what you saw in the original video.

11:48 AM PT — TMZ Sports has obtained new footage showing BJ Penn getting knocked out when the fight spilled into the street.

You can see Penn egging the other guy on — the same guy from our first video — and when BJ’s opponent throws a left hook, it connects flush with Penn’s chin, sending him crumpling to the ground, arms sprawled.

BJ’s friends immediately help him back to his feet — and a screaming match ensues between all of the bystanders.

We’re told the knockout in the street came FIRST. And, later on, BJ reengaged, tackling the guy from behind and knocking him down.

We spoke to the other combatant who tells us he was hit with a “cheap shot” and that’s why Penn was able to mount him. But, when they squared up face to face, BJ went down.”

This was the second fight when Penn got the upper-hand: