Oakley Drops Amazing New Commercial Showing the Toughness on an NFL Game Through Eyes of the Players (VIDEO)

You can all send your thanks to Oakley and their deal with the National Football League that will allow players to wear tinted visors on the field for the first time in more than two decades.

Oakley Prizm Clear shields are lightly tinted and will be allowed, unlike those dark visors that LaDanian Tomlinson once had on his helmet.

“We’ve had rules around visors and what players are allowed to wear on the field, but we haven’t had any relationships there,” Nana-Yaw Asamoah, the NFL’s vice president of business development, told Sports Illustrated. “Through conversations what became uncovered was that from both a performance and safety standpoint, there was a lot more that could be done in this space and working with a brand like Oakley could really take us to the next level on that.”

Oakley recently released a commercial with the visors that gives viewers a look at what NFL players see when their on the field.