High School Football Player Headbutts Ref During Game (VIDEO)

Roger Bacon High School opened their season with a victory, but it will be less remembered for what the team did on the field, and more about a head-butting incident involving a Dayton Dunbar player and an official.

Via Dayton Daily News:

“Dunbar was down 23-8 with seven minutes left in the first half against Roger Bacon when the player head-butted a referee after it looks like the player had been ejected from the game. The player was wearing a helmet when the assault happened.

Dunbar had been called for three unsportsmanlike penalties that night, prior to the assault. Following the head-butt, the referees called the game and both team exited the field.”

Roger Bacon head coach Mike Blaut had this to say:

“The penalty that made the kid mad was their 12th penalty already,” Roger Bacon coach Mike Blaut said. “They were marking off the ball, half the distance to the goal line, and that’s when he went right after the referee and head-butted him. He hit him on the right side of his head.”

“The kid ripped his helmet off and went after the white hat (referee),” Blaut said. “I just saw them scuffling. I yelled for my kids to get off the field because their sideline was getting out of control.”

“He said, the game’s over,” Blaut said. “We’re not playing this game anymore, you guys win. Get your kids in the locker room and get them out of here.”

“Our kids were really disappointed, especially my seniors,” Blaut said of the early stoppage. “My son’s on the team (Ryan). His first response was, ‘They just took a game away from my senior year.’ At the end of the day, we end up with the victory, so it’s all good.”

Here’s that moment: