DeAndre Hopkins Was Ticked Off When The Texans Did Not Sign Colin Kaepernick in 2017

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Somehow, DeAndre Hopkins might still be the most underrated wide receiver in the entire league. He might be the only wideout in the league that can be matched up with any quarterback and still deliver on the field.

During his time in the league, he has caught passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick, T.J Yates, Brock Osweiler, Brian Hoyer, and Tom Savage as the team tried desperately to answer the big issue at the QB position.

They would soon answer that with the drafting of Deshaun Watson, but an unfortunate practice would lead to a non-contact injury that turned into a torn ACL.

During a GQ interview, Hopkins expected the Texans front office to call Colin Kaepernick. When that didn’t happen, he was upset.

“Yeah, I was upset,” Hopkins told on the Texans, not calling Kaepernick. “Everybody needed to give Kaep a look. He can help a team win. I’ve seen a lot of quarterbacks that’s not as good as Kaep, but teams don’t want the heat behind them.”

Hopkins continued on Kaepernick,

“You can’t sugarcoat that. Ain’t no way around it. You can’t sugarcoat why Kaep is not playing in the NFL. This dude played in the Sup”er Bowl. I only had one Pro Bowl quarterback my whole career…that was Deshaun Watson, and that was last year. So, shit.”

“You don’t understand what I’ve been through,” Hopkins said of the quarterback situation. ‘Nobody understands, and I keep it to myself. I don’t bash people in the media, like other people. Before Deshaun, I used to be frustrated…all the time, just saying, “How am I in this position?”

When Watson got drafted, he described it as one of the happiest moments of his life.

“You got all the receivers going to the Super Bowl who are not even close to as good as me, but they got a good-ass quarterback,” Hopkins continued, “And here I am, putting up these crazy numbers—but all these quarterbacks, I never even worked out the whole off-season with a quarterback. Just because it’s in and out. Cut. One year. Cut. So when we got Deshaun, that’s one of the happiest moments I have playing football. That’s sad.”