DeMarcus Cousins’ Ex Speaks On Why She Wouldn’t Allow Son To Attend His Wedding (PICS)

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Things are starting to get a lot more clearer since that damning video dropped.

In Late August, DeMarcus Cousins’ baby mama released an audio of him threatening to shoot her because she didn’t allow their son to attend his wedding.

“I’m a ask you this one more time before I take it to another level,” he can be heard saying during the phone conversation, which West recorded. “Can I have my son here? Can I have my son here, please?”

“No, he’s not coming,” she responded, to which Cousins replied, “Say less. I’m a make sure I put a bullet through your f–kin’ head.”

An arrest warrant for the Los Angeles Lakers center would follow two days later for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence as well as a protective order given being granted to Christy West that forbid Cousins from contacting her.

After taking so much crap on social media, West decided to finally speak out about the situation and reveal the reason why she refused to allow their son to attend his weeding.

Cousins is being charged with third-degree harassing communication, according to the Mobile municipal court website.