George Springer Carted Off After Slamming Head On Wall After Spectacular Catch (VIDEO)

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

George Springer found himself carted off the field after he collided with the wall catching a ball.

The Houston Astros center fielder had just made a spectacular catch in the outfield, but he tried desperately to balance himself in mid-air that turned out terribly for him as his head slammed on the wall behind him.

He immediately grabbed the back of his head as his glove fell off. Astros medical would soon race out to assist him.

“It was bad,” Astros pitcher Zack Greinke said of the play, according to USA Today. “I was just hoping there’s nothing serious because a lot of things can go wrong when that stuff happens. So, it was not a good feeling, really.”

Luckily, Springer was able to get on his feet and and sat up in the cart as it left the field.

“He’s doing well given all the circumstances,” manager AJ Hinch said. “He’s in pretty good spirits.”