Ice Cube, Baron Davis Have Heated Exchange On Twitter Over BIG3 Article (TWEETS)

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/BIG3 via Getty Images)

The BIG3 season might be over, but the fireworks are still going on, but off the court.

Former BIG3 participant Baron Davis became heated over hearing about an upcoming article that mentions him, so he took to Twitter and called out BIG3 owner Ice Cube.

As you might expect, Ice Cube didn’t like that very much and responded by saying “You got my number.”

After the former NBA star point guard participated in the second season of the three on three basketball league, many assumed he would return the following year.

BIG3 would soon announce they would be deactivating Davis as well as other players before he ever got a chance to play.

“As a league, we want players that are actually playing, so if you aren’t playing, or can’t play, or you have any health issues …”

Hopefully, the two men can iron things out behind the scenes and leave the drama off social media.