Lonzo Ball Seemed To Slip Up & Revealed He Worked Out For The Lakers While on ‘Codeine’ (VIDEO)

Back in 2017, when it came to top college players coming into the league, Lonzo Ball was most definitely that guy to get selected early, which is why people thought the Lakers would sign him when they landed the No. 2 overall pick.

All that was left for him was to nail his workout.

He did not.

Ball looked terribly out of shape, but he would nail his 2nd workout and the Lakers took him with at No. 2.

Ball, who has since been traded to the Pelicans, provided all the ugly details on the LightHarted Podcast where he stated how he was so sick, that he drank a whole bottle of codeine.

He then caught himself and stated it was cough syrup.

“The workout with the Lakers was the worst workout I’ve ever had. Ever.

It has to be the worst workout for a number two pick. It has to. That’s how bad. It was terrible. They had to come to Chino to watch me work out again.

I was by myself. But I got sick, and I didn’t tell nobody. So, I had drank a whole bottle of codeine. I mean, not codeine, but cough syrup.

I couldn’t move. Ask B Shaw. B Shaw will tell you. He was like, “What the hell?” That was the first time I met B Shaw, and he was like, “I don’t think he it.” I could see it on his face. I would take two steps. I couldn’t dunk. They were like, “Get up.” I was like, “I can’t. I can’t dunk.”

I couldn’t move, bro. I’m like, “Damn.”

After the workout, I’m like, this ain’t – we’re going to have to do another one. We scheduled a second workout, and it was all good from there. But that first one, man. If those tapes ever get released, it’s bad. It’s real bad.”

If you’re not aware, a lot of rappers drink Lean, also known as purple drank, which is basically a combination of prescription-strength cough medicine, soft drinks, and hard, fruit-flavored candy.