LSU Fans Sent Over 600 Text Messages, Called Numerous Times After Sam Ehlinger’s Phone Number Leaked Out

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The mental warfare games have already begun.

The anticipation continues to build for the weekend’s top game between LSU and Texas. One of the biggest stars of that game is Star quarterback Sam Ehlinger who certainly wants to be on his game to knock off the No. 6 Tigers.

LSU fans are doing everything they can to make sure he is not on his game with some crazy off-the-field antics.

ESPN’s Maria Taylor revealed that somehow Sam Ehlinger’s phone number got leaked and LSU fans have been sending him text messages and calling him non-stop.

“Somehow, LSU fans have found out Sam’s [Ehlinger] number,” Taylor said. “So he’s got something like 600-something text messages on his phone right now from LSU fans and he’s getting calls non-stop.”

Ehlinger has received over 600 text messages from LSU fans so far this week.

“But he’s [Ehlinger] dealing with it,” Taylor added. “These are the games he came to Texas to play for.”

Saturday’s game against LSU will be a vital test for a Longhorns squad that is coming off a 10-4 season in 2018.