Antonio Brown Details Why He Wants Raiders to “Release” Him In Email To NFL Insider (TWEETS)

Some people feel like this Antonio Brown-Raiders saga is the gift that keeps on giving. Others would rather just see this drama end already. In any case, here we war…

Earlier this morning, Brown took to Instagram to tell the Raiders organization to “release” him.

This move came just one day after it appeared as though AB and the team had kissed and made up, as it was announced on Friday that the dive wideout would not be suspended for Monday night’s matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Then came last night’s cryptic video from Brown’s YouTube page, during which he played a secretly recorded phone conversation he had with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

So why is AB once again pissed at the Raiders organization? Why is the perennial Pro Bowler asking the team to release him now?

According to NFL insider Jeff Darlington, who received an email from Brown himself, it appears as though the Raiders have taken away all of AB’s guarantees, which isn’t sitting well with Antonio, as you might imagine.

Can’t blame either side in this instance, to be honest. It’s easy to see why the Raiders no longer want to guarantee Brown any money after all of these antics they’ve had to deal with before the season has even begun. But, on the other hand, it’s not often you’ll find a veteran player as skilled as Brown who would be willing to play without the assurance of some guaranteed money.

So that’s where we stand at the moment. Will either of these sides give in? Or is this relationship officially over? We should find out soon enough.