Ex-Browns’ Joe Thomas Fires Back At Titans CB Logan Ryan Over Getting Beer Thrown At Him (TWEET)

Joe Thomas
Image via Getty

Joe Thomas might have called it a career, but he is still standing firm and sticking up for his former team.

The former Cleveland Browns standout offensive tackle took issue with Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan after he criticized some of the fans for throwing beer on him, following an interception of Baker Mayfield.

Ryan called it “ridiculous” that he had a beer poured on him after he jumped in the stands in Sunday’s Week 1 road win over the Browns.

Thomas did not agree with his assessment.

“Violation of league rules to jump into the stands as the visiting team: you should expect beer dumped on you every time (nobody would waste #73Kolsch by @GLBC_Cleveland, so expect piss water beer at that),” Thomas said.

Both players actually have a point as no fan should be throwing beer of any sort on anybody, but players on the road should expect anything to happen if they have plans of trying to jump in the stands at an opposing stadium.