Ex-NFL WR Antonio Bryant Wants You To Know That He’s Not The AB Being Sued For Sexual Assault (TWEETS)

AB can’t seem to catch a break. No, not that AB, the other one who is retired.

Shortly after the news broke on Tuesday that Antonio Brown was being accused of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape, according to a federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Florida — Bryant would jump on Twitter.

The former NFL wide receiver had to remind people that he is now the AB that is currently going through legal trouble.

“Nope not me…Wrong AB!”

People didn’t listen and they still jumped in his direct messages and went off on him for allegedly raping a woman several times.

As far as the Pats’ AB goes, his former trainer accused him of sexually assaulting her twice during training sessions in June of 2017. The lawsuit claims Brown exposed himself and kissed her without her permission.

“Later that month, Brown, while positioned behind her, began masturbating near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back.”

The lawsuit claimed Brown bragged about the incident in text messages, which were also revelaed.