Unbelievable Thread Shows Just How Many Times Packers’ Players Got Away With Holding Khalil Mack (VIDEO)

Khalil Mack can be quite the unstoppable force when he gets loose, whether he’s being double teamed or not.

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers allowed five sacks, which was tied for the most quarterback Aaron Rodgers has taken against the Bears in 22 career games against them.

Even though Rodgers found himself on the ground a lot, Khalil Mack was relatively invisible on this night.

It wasn’t because he didn’t try, it had more to do with the fact that he was being held all night long.

One Twitter user went back and looked at the Packers-Bears matchup and only watched Mack, and found out that he was held seven different times without a flag being thrown.

That is just a ridiculous of times to hold a single player without a flag being thrown into the air. This doesn’t explain why the Bears lost, but it could’ve stopped a scoring drive from the Packers.