Antonio Brown’s Contract Language Gives New England Patriots An Easy Out If Things Get Worse

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Antonio Brown is seriously starting to be known more as a controversial figure than what he can do on a football field.

The often controversial wide receiver added yet another chapter when it revealed that his former personal trainer filed a lawsuit against him that accused him of three separate incidents of sexual assault and rape.

If these accusations are determined to be truthful, the New England Patriots could move very swiftly on from brown as the contract language says that Brown does “undermines the public’s respect for the club”, which this certainly would, the guaranteed money he desires will be “null and void.”

The Patriots have already proven to win a Super Bowl and many tough games without Antonio Brown ever touching their roster. Bill Belichick won’t hesitate to cut ties with him, especially with what they dealt with on a higher scale in Aaron Hernandez.

History has already told us that Brown doesn’t like it very much when teams take his guarantee money away from him.