Jamal Adams Rips The Hell Out of The NFL For Fining Him $21K For Weak Hit On Baker Mayfield (VIDEO + TWEET)

Jamal Adams is pissed off.

In the first quarter of the Monday Night Football game against the Cleveland Browns — Jamal Adams had his sights set on getting to Baker Mayfield who was scrambling to his left to avoid the rush.

Mayfield ended up tossing the ball like a half a second before Adams got to him and tackled him.

He received a personal flag for roughing the passer.

On Wednesday, the league fined him $21,000.

Adams took to Twitter and blasted the league for fining him that amount for such a weak hit.

“This league is a damn joke! I just got fined $21k for this hit, I signed up to play football not two hand touch. Bullshit! I don’t give a damn about these soft rules protecting QBs. Im gonna play MY brand of football everytime I step on the field. SMH”