Tom Brady Stays Completely Silent When Charles Woodson Asks Him if He Fumbled in ‘Tuck Rule’ Game (VIDEO)

Well, this was quite awkward.

If there ever a questionable ring that Tom Brady has ever won during his illustrious career, it most certainly was the very first one.

That moment came from the 2001 NFL Playoffs when Charles Woodson came on a corner blitz and appeared to cause a turnover that would send Woodson’s Oakland Raiders to the AFC Championship Game.

It was overturned and the Patriots would go on to eventually win the Super Bowl.

Back in 2016, Woodson had this to say:

“Game over, or so we thought,” Woodson recalls in the newest installment of NFL Network’s Emmy-nominated series A Football Life. “The more time went on, the more everybody on the sidelines was like, ‘I think we’re about to get screwed.’ That’s the worst call in the history of … all sports. All the air was let out of the Oakland Raiders. After that happened, we never recovered.”

“Tom owes me,” Woodson continues. “But you know what? Me and Tom have never talked about that play. And so I imagine maybe sometime, maybe I’ll just sit down with him in a lonely bar somewhere, just me and him, and I’ll just ask him point blank: ‘Tom, just tell me, if you could just tell everybody in the world what it was, what was it?’ I know what he would say.”

Well, he got that chance during an episode of “NFL:The Grind” hosted by Rich Eisen, where the former All-Pro defensive back asked Brady straight up, “Was it a fumble?”

That led to complete silence and awkwardness.

Brady knows that call changed everything. The Patriots have won six rings so far with him, while the Raiders, who did go to the Super Bowl the next season, have only qualified for the postseason once since 2003.