New England Already Has Antonio Brown Speaking Like A Seasoned Patriot (VIDEO)

Antonio Brown has clearly had a stern talking to by Patriots brass.

On Thursday, the New England Patriots WR finally spoke to reporters for the first time since joining the franchise, but he sounded less like the AB we all know, and more like a company man of the Patriots.

The media got four questions with Brown at his locker and it lasted about a minute.

Here’s a transcript of what was asked and what Brown said, via NESN:

Are you in good standing to keep playing?

“I’m super grateful to be here. I’m thankful to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I’ve got a lot of the offense to learn and catch up, but I’m excited and grateful to be here and be a part of these guys.”

What’s it like working with Tom Brady?

“It’s been a tremendous honor. He’s been here a long time, a lot of details, a lot of work ethic. Great guy to be around just to inspire everyone here.”

How has the process been to kind of get used to everything as everything is going on in your life?

“Well, it’s football. I’m grateful to play football. Every time you walk in the doors here, you know to be the best for the team. So, every time I walk in here, I just want to make sure I’m preparing to give these guys my best.”

What have you heard, if anything, from the league about your availability?

“I appreciate that question. I’m just here to just focus on ball and look forward to get out there in the home stadium with the team.”

As you can tell, that is not like the Antonio Brown we have been accustomed to seeing over the years.

On top of that, Brown hasn’t tweeted anything since September 7th, with his last retweet being the Patriots’ announcement on Sept. 10 that they signed him.