Florida Man Seen Punching Teen Girl During High School Basketball Fight (VIDEO)

One man finds himself under investigation after video surfaced on social media showing him punching and knocking down a Florida high school basketball player during a mid-game fight.

The fight happened on Wednesday during a girl’s b-ball game between Miramar High School and American Heritage. One man can be seen coming on the court and punching a female Miramar player square in the face.

Via Local 10:

“The 17-year-old player did not want to be identified, but described what happened.

“All of the sudden, from behind me, this big guy that I never even seen before, he grabbed me by my head and cocks his arm all the way back and he hits me.” she said. “I’m glad I’m okay.”

The girl said the blow was so powerful she blacked out.

“How do you think you would react if someone hit your niece, someone probably big enough to do damage to you, to a little child like that?” said Shemar Adams, the teen’s uncle. “If I was a parent in that situation, I would’ve been trying to get my two children off of that court.”

Hollywood police say they have seen the video and identified the man who punched the player, and an investigation is underway.”